Looking For A Local Choir To Join? Try Rock Choir
About Us

Why Join Rock Choir?

Are you looking for a local choir to join? Why not give Rock Choir a try? The power of music, meeting new friends and taking part in life-changing events, together contribute to an emotional and powerful journey for our Members.

Most new Members have never sung before and can feel anxious at the prospect of joining a choir but Rock Choir is designed to nurture and build confidence without the need for anyone to sing alone or expose their voice (unless they want to become an official Rock Choir soloist!)

Some Members say they love singing in the shower or in the car along with the radio but everyone is welcome and everyone is nurtured and cared for no matter what their prior experience with music or singing is!

It’s a safe, up-lifting and exciting environment!

The journey that Members go on with Rock Choir is unique and achieves outstanding results in well-being, health and personal-confidence but with the fun and exhilarating glamour of performing to sell-out audiences and standing ovations!

Members are constantly feeding-back with their own experiences and how Rock Choir has changed not only their own lives, but how their local choir has supported communities around them.

Make a Difference

Supporting local charities, schools and community groups is part of the Rock Choir Experience and Rock Choir has worked and continues to work with hundreds of local and national charities to help raise their awareness and assist in helping to raise funds whilst performing to audiences.

The Rock Choir Team organises over 2000 shows and events each year for the Members to enjoy.

Members have chosen to perform at their local hospice one week and then perform live on BBC’s The One Show Children in Need special the week after!

Members may also be asked to take part in other high-profile TV and radio events or even go on tour with an artist such as Russell Watson or record on an artist’s album.

A recording experience at Abbey Road Studios is a popular event for the Rock Choir Members as well as taking part in the huge National events such as BBC’s Proms in the Park or the Arena celebrations that take place every few years at venues such as the The NEC Arena Birmingham, Wembley Arena, The o2 and The Liverpool Arena.

Coming together to sing as one choir from across the country is a very exciting and emotional experience. But remember….there is never ANY pressure on the Member to take part in any performances if they don’t want to. They can do as much or as little as they choose.

Rock Choir is the leading contemporary choir experience. It is award-winning and highly respected across the country.

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