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What Is Rock Choir?

Rock Choir is the UK’s leading contemporary award-winning choir experience offering local weekly rehearsals, performances and life-affirming events to more than 400 towns and communities across the UK.

Rock Choir was created by singer and musician, Caroline Redman Lusher and remains a family-run organisation originating in Farnham, Surrey in 2005. She initiated a brand new, accessible and glamorous approach to contemporary community singing which grew quickly and dramatically from humble beginnings into what it is today.

Rock Choir is recognised as the first of its kind to offer a no-audition and no-requirement-to-read-music choir experience in the UK and invites anyone with any level of musical experience to join. It attracts everyone who loves to sing pop and contemporary songs!

With local weekly rehearsals, social events, extra workshops, weekends abroad, performances, charity performances and national events, a Rock Choir Member can choose as much or as little as they like.

New members may decide to wait until they are confident to perform whilst others throw themselves into the Rock Choir Experience and fill their diaries with exciting performances and social events.

It’s all about singing, fun, your local community, friendship and life-changing experiences!

Rock Choir Experience

Highly-regarded for its standard of excellence, its educational approach and outstanding well-being results, the unique Rock Choir Experience has attracted a membership, nationwide, of over 30,000 individuals as well as experiencing a high media profile.

Members come from all walks of life and mainly have no music experience at all but build their confidence in each rehearsal as their voice blends with those around them.

Each rehearsal and event are led by a highly-trained, charismatic and nurturing Rock Choir Leader who will also run alternative rehearsals nearby.

There are over 80 Rock Choir Leaders in the team and very much a family along with the HQ Team based in Farnham Surrey, where the first Rock Choir began.

Members can attend their ‘home’ local choir rehearsal each week or alternative rehearsals nearby or even country-wide should their diary change. The Rock Choir timetable works for everyone even those who have to juggle a vast array of personal and professional commitments.

Rock Choir is nationwide and accessible to everyone.

Up-Beat & Emotional

Rock Choir chooses well-known up-beat and emotional songs offering unique vocal versions only performed by the Rock Choir Members of the most loved pop songs from the decades and from the current chart.

Each song’s harmonies are created only for the Members and in turn taught by rote. Members learn quickly and easily using a proven formula and confidence builds quickly.

Queen, Adele, John Legend, Abba, ELO, The Greatest Showman musical, Elton John, Jess Glynn, Stevie Wonder, Take That, George Michael, Olly Murs, Rainbow, Annie Lennox, Tina Turner and Clean Bandit are all popular artists featuring in the vast Rock Choir repertoire.

A team of professional industry session-musicians along with a production team and Rock Choir’s own creative team, carefully plan and create the musical resources for the Rock Choir Members overseen by Founder and Musical Director Caroline Redman Lusher.

All musical resources are unique to Rock Choir and supported by the PRS, MCPS and the publishers and writers who created the original songs.

Caroline Redman Lusher was honoured with a music-industry ‘Gold-Badge Award’ by the PRS (Performing Rights Society) and BASCA) British Association of songwriters, composers and authors) for her contribution of Rock Choir to British Music.

Everyone is welcome!

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