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The Rock Choir Team

Rock Choir was created in 2005 by award-winning musician, singer and performer, Caroline Redman Lusher along with the help and support of both her husband Stuart and father, Dave Lusher, AKA ‘Captain Rock Choir’. Caroline’s background and experience as a qualified musician and teacher led to the emergence of Rock Choir and it wasn’t long before she attracted many other talented individuals to join her and her family-team in impacting many other communities across the UK with the unique Rock Choir experience that she had created.

The Rock Choir Team is now made up of 30 full-time staff at HQ in Farnham, Surrey along with over 80 Rock Choir Leaders who direct the choir rehearsals and performances in their local communities.

The HQ Team underpins the whole Rock Choir ‘operation’ ensuring that every Member-activity is a successful and exciting one. They are also responsible for looking after all the Rock Choir Leaders based across the UK.

Organising over 2000 events each year along with booking hundreds of venues and responding to all membership queries and enquiries is a full-time commitment for the majority of the team.

In addition, there is the planning and creation of all musical and educational resources for the Leaders and the members along with the busy legal communication with the music industry and the array of IT support that Rock Choir needs.

The Rock Choir Leaders are unique and talented individuals who allocate their creative time between Rock Choir and other personal musical, educational and performance commitments. Each Rock Choir Leader is chosen carefully not only for their talent but also their personality and commitment to the well-being of the members.

The team of Leaders is spread out across the UK but very much feels and operates like a family as they support one another and work together with the HQ Team to ensure they all deliver the Rock Choir Experience whilst respecting the original ethos and culture.

There are currently over 80 Leaders leading between 3 and 11 rehearsals a week in their own community. Each Leader communicates daily with the HQ Team and the entire Rock Choir team regularly comes together through the year to support one another.

Caroline Redman Lusher is proud to be able to give continuous and long-term contracts to so many musicians and for Rock Choir to be a reliable employer. Rock Choir is not a franchise but a family team-orientated company.  

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