Rock Choir Return To Edinburgh Fringe - Rock Choir

Rock Choir Sell-Out Edinburgh Fringe

Rockies experience ‘sell-out’ success at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

A huge congratulations to RC Leaders Elaine and Nicola and the RC Events Team at HQ, who have all worked tirelessly to organise yet another superb Edinburgh Festival Fringe season for our Rockies this August!

Over 3000 Rockies have taken part this year, each experiencing the thrill of singing in a professional environment whilst sharing their exciting and life-affirming moments with new Rockie friends.

Each performance was delivered to packed crowds, many earning a ‘sell-out’ badge of honour from the Fringe Festival organisers.

Well done to everyone who took part, and a heartfelt “thank you” to all the Rock Choir Leaders, the HQ Team and the amazing Edinburgh Rockies who supported everyone who visited! The Rockies who performed, sparkled with professionalism and exuded joy in each and every show!

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