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Rock Choir

During The Pandemic

During the 2020/21 pandemic and lockdown, Rock Choir has reacted positively and creatively to ensure that its Members and the British public are cared for, distracted, entertained and connected as much as possible to ensure their well-being is prioritised whilst everyone is so vulnerable.

Should you wish to comment on any of our events and activities described below please contact the Rock Choir Team by emailing office@rockchoir.com.

“Thank you to everyone who has supported and continues to support Rock Choir through lockdown.

It has been a shocking and challenging time for everyone but together we are stronger and we remain united as 1-choir and 1-family.”

 – With love, Caroline Redman Lusher.
Creator, Founder and Creative Director of Rock Choir.


Rock Choir has been online during lockdown!

All 400 weekly rehearsals which normally take place in venues across the UK have been moved online since March 2020. We anticipate that our return to physical rehearsals in England and Wales will start to begin again as from the week beginning Monday 21st June 2021. Our rehearsals in Scotland will remain online until an announcement is made allowing us to return to physical rehearsals. 

The Rock Choir Team is made up of 80 Rock Choir Leaders and an H.Q. Team of 30 who have all been working from their homes in conjunction with government lockdown rules.

All teaching, events, projects and activities have been communicated to our Members in their homes via Zoom, YouTube and social media. The team are now preparing for an exciting return to the room!

If you wish to join Rock Choir or enjoy a free taster session please click below to find your nearest location and Choir Leader.

As soon as we revert to physical rehearsals you will be able to attend your local venue to continue your membership with us and meet your Rockie-friends in person:



‘Keep Britain Singing with Rock Choir’ (KBS) 2020 and 2021 and ‘Ready For The Weekend’!

The Rock Choir Team created 3 campaigns during the 2020/2021 lockdowns offering the British Public a chance to look after their well-being by singing and engaging with the Rock Choir Team via free daily live Facebook sessions.

‘Keep Britain Singing’ (KBS) was a daily 3pm live singing event that ran for 106 consecutive days from the start of the March 2020 lockdown allowing the public to learn fun vocal exercises and at least 1 feel-good Rock Choir song each day. It became a life-line for many and offered daily structure and a positive surge of Rock Choir well-being for all the family.

As lockdown measures started to relax in the summer of 2020, this daily singing event became a weekly one called, ‘Ready For The Weekend’ offering a variety of Friday afternoon sessions of Rock Choir music, singing and fun.

‘Keep Britain Singing’ was then revived in 2021 as we entered the 3rd lockdown! It had a new look and took place at 12 midday on Mondays to Fridays.

We at Rock Choir know how important singing is for our well-being and mental health so offering all 3 campaigns through lockdown was an important addition to our online official rehearsals and events. Everyone could enjoy a free daily burst of fun and vocal exercise featuring a pop song from the Rock Choir repertoire and some fun vocal and musical tasks. It ensured that we were all contributing our skills and expertise to the bigger picture and the well-being of great British public.

These free sessions were available to everyone and were family-friendly lasting between 15 and 30 minutes featuring a fun vocal warm-up and at least one song a day.


Rock Choir Members were invited to take part in a mass recording of a charity Christmas single last year. The Rock Choir version of ‘Keeping The Dream Alive’ was released to help raise awareness of and funds for the Mental Health Foundation.

4550 Members took part and contributed their vocals along with the Rock Choir Leaders and a solo from singer and creator of Rock Choir, Caroline Redman Lusher.

The single was released on 11th December 2020 and entered the iTunes download singles chart at No.1 as well as remaining in the Big Top 40 at No.3 until a few days before Christmas.

The original artist/band, Műnchener Freiheit, supported the project and sent the Rock Choir Members a message of their own. Click here to watch Műnchener Freiheit. 

Click below to hear the song and watch the Keeping The Dream Alive’ pop promo. Should you wish to make a donation of £5 or £10 to the Mental Health Foundation please text SING5 or SING10.
The Mental Health Foundation (Registered Charity No. England & Wales 801130 Scotland SC 039714) will receive 100% of your donation. Texts cost donation amount (£5 or £10) plus 1 message at your standard network rate. Always get the bill payers permission. We’d like to contact you with news and information about other campaigns, but if you’d rather we did not contact you again then include the words NO INFO at the end of your message e.g. SING5 NO INFO.


ROCK CHOIR 24’ Raising funds and awareness for the Mental Health Foundation in a 24-hour event in May 2020!

Rock Choir has changed lives since it began in 2005! With its engaging, fun and feel-good formula, thousands of the British Public in over 400 communities across the UK have become Members and enjoyed a new life-style in the exciting Rock Choir environment.

Many Members use Rock Choir as a lifeline so connecting to the Mental Health Foundation and supporting Mental Health Awareness Week was an obvious decision to make.

In May 2020, the Rock Choir Team created a 24-hour virtual fundraiser to raise funds and awareness for The Mental Health Foundation offering ‘Rock Choir 24’ which featured back-to-back music, singing and activities from the Rock Choir Team to engage both the Membership and the British public.

Many celebrities took part including Sir Cliff Richard, Clare Balding OBE, Michael Ball, Jools Holland, Jess Glynne and Aled Jones as well as many others. 

Over £45,000 was raised and Rock Choir continue to support The Mental Health Foundation with the release of the Christmas single, Keeping The Dream Alive and other activities which are planned for 2021. Click here to watch Rock Choir 24:


Over the weekend of March12-14th 2021, The Rock Choir Team staged a huge festival fundraiser to raise funds for Comic Relief.

The Team engaged a ticketed audience with non-stop singing, dancing, cooking, cocktail-making and various performance and musical workshops.

Children were especially catered for with a ‘Rock Choir Rock Stars’ event and BBC CBeebies star, Katy Ashworth contributed with a personal workshop especially for the younger audience.

‘Mr Motivator’ ran a high-energy fun aerobics session on the Saturday morning and TV and musical-theatre stars, Gary and Sara Wilmot led a performance-skills workshop before contributing to a live-streamed performance featuring the Rock Choir Leaders, held at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre creating the finale of the whole weekend.
Over £50,000 was raised over this one weekend contributing to a total of over £146,000 raised through Rock Choir events during the lockdown of 2020/2021.

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