Reading Pride 2019

With Choir Leader Lucy Hewes

Choir Leader Lucy explains how the event went. “This was our first ever time singing at our local Reading Pride (and our first time being introduced to the stage by a beautiful drag queen!) and it was one of the most fun performances we have done!

Not long before we were due to perform on the main stage, the heavens opened and there was a huge downpour of rain causing many people to start leaving the festival or taking shelter away from the open-air main stage. I could see choir members were starting to worry that there would be more Rock Choir members (100+) than the audience numbers. As our call time neared, I made the decision that we ALL had to sing on the stage rather than split with half on the stage and half on the ground in the rain (I however was prepared to get soaked whilst conducting!).

The moment we started filing onto the main stage, the clouds parted and the sun shone on us as we opened our set with Roar. The crowd were DELIGHTED! We continued with some upbeat Rock Choir classics, A Little Respect, Footloose, This is Me and Don’t Leave Me This Way and by the end the whole crowd were joining in and copying our dance routines! The whole choir (members from Bracknell/Ascot, Reading/Caversham, Reading/Tilehurst and Henley) were buzzing after such a fantastic response from the crowd – we hope to be back for Reading Pride 2020!”

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