About Us

Our Music

The Rock Choir music is the exciting and emotional core which brings everyone together.

The songs are almost always very well-known and feature from the decades and current charts which in turn satisfies the wide range of ages that make up the membership demographic.

Songs are chosen for their up-beat, feel-good or emotional impact.

Members benefit in various ways from singing inspirational and powerful lyrics and enjoying the feel-good, fun and up-beat style of the songs.

Members often use their rehearsals and these key songs as stress-busters allowing them to change-mood, have a break from their sometimes challenging life-styles and experience an up-lifting change from the music.


Each song goes through months of work before it is presented to the Membership at rehearsals.

Once the original song-writer and publisher have agreed to let Rock Choir introduce the song, it is gently pulled apart musically and ‘re-built’ to allow Rock Choir to perform the end result in its unique way. The end Rock Choir performance of the song is never far away from the original version of the song but the melody is re-allocated across the harmony parts resulting in a satisfying, equal and joyous sing for the membership.

Some songs are split into 2 and 3-part harmony whilst others are up to 6 or even 8-part harmony.

The preparation and creation of each set of song resources is carried out by the in-house Rock Choir Creative Team who have been trained to write the vocal versions especially for Rock Choir.

Sound Team

The team is managed by a full-time Creative manager and overseen by Founder Caroline Redman Lusher who continues to write the new vocal versions of the songs.

Along with creating the new vocal version of each song, there is an accompanying set of audio, visual and written resources delivered to the Leader and in turn delivered to the Membership.

An external production team is engaged to create the audio resources and each song’s performance track is created solely for Rock Choir.

Grammy and Emmy winners, Donal Hodgson and Kipper Eldridge produce each track to ensure it supports the Rock Choir vocal version and engages a vast team of global session players to perform on each track.

Caroline Redman Lusher and occasionally one of the Creative Team is recorded singing each harmony part on each track which provides Members with an audio support after they’ve been taught the song.

The Rock Choir Leaders are also recorded as a choir to help provide extra audio resources.

Our Unique Sound

As well as being invited to perform on other high-profile artists’ albums, Universal’s Decca, signed Rock Choir in 2009 and released Rock Choir Vol.1 followed by Rock Choir Deluxe Edition. Rock Choir Vol.1 reached no 18 in the UK Charts in 2010.

You can hear some of our releases here!



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