Online Virtual Choir


From the comfort of your home!

Not only can you enjoy Rock Choir sessions in the room, but you can now join sessions online from the comfort of your own home! Furthermore, you can join our online choir as a standalone group and don’t need to be part of any of our in-the-room choirs.

Rock Choir transformed its structure in March 2020, responding instantly to the global pandemic and taking everything online. Although in-person sessions have since resumed, Rock Choir has retained its online sessions to ensure they remain accessible to all.

Who is online Rock Choir for?

We help deliver online choir to everyone whether they:

• Prefer the convenience and ease of an online choir
• Live in a remote area without a choir nearby
• Cannot make it to in-room lessons due to illness or disability
• Are busy or away from home and can’t get to a physical session that week
• Feel they need an extra practice of a particular song or routine
Are part of our new alliance with Mirthy

How Does It Work?

Rock Choir is available via both Zoom and YouTube, streamed LIVE twice a week with our lovely and very talented leader, Josie Black.

Sessions currently take place on Mondays at 7.45 pm, and Wednesdays at 10.30 am and last for an hour and 15 minutes.

The format follows that of the room so online choir sessions take place first, and you will receive a 15-minute recap-style tutorial of the session afterwards, released every Thursday of term time.

What if I can’t make the online session times?

Don’t worry if you miss the LIVE online stream, you can rewatch the session via YouTube at any time convenient to you.

These sessions will also remain available to rewatch until the end of each term!

How do I join a session?

Links and further details on how to access the online choir are available via the red Online Resources button when you log in to the Rock Choir website membership area.

Not a Rock Choir member yet?

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