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Become a “Motivated Rockie!”

Join Mr Motivator’s Motivation Club

We at Rock Choir are committed to supporting the physical and mental health and well-being of our members. The Rock Choir experience has been designed and is continuously developing to ensure that everyone feels happy, healthy and positive as well as enjoying a musical life-style, developing skills as a performer and singer.

But what else can we do to look after our members which will help make them feel even MORE healthy and stress-free? Special Rockie-access to the Mr Motivator’s Club, that’s what!

We are very excited to announce a brand-new relationship between Rock Choir and Derrick Evans MBE (AKA Mr Motivator!), who many of you will know from Breakfast TV in the 1990s and more recently in the media as he makes his return to lead the UK in all things fitness!

We are inviting all of our members (‘Rockies’) to take part in Mr Motivator’s Club which features a wide range of fitness and workout classes suitable for all levels along with sessions designed to support individuals with many of life’s challenges including stress, mental-health, self-esteem, confidence, sleep and diet.

All Rock Choir members can now gain access to Mr Motivator’s Club for 12 months and become a ‘Motivated Rockie’ for a discounted monthly fee of £4.49 instead of the normal monthly fee of £6.99. In addition, and to celebrate Rock Choir’s new relationship with Mr Motivator and the Mr Motivator’s Clubb, we will be donating 49p a month to the Mental Health Foundation for each one of you who joins!

Meet Mr Motivator (Derrick Evans MBE) and find out more about what he is offering:

Mr Motivator and Rock Choir

If you’re a Rock Choir member, click on the link below to reach the Motivation Club website and join.

You can try the Motivation Club FOR FREE for the first 10 days and then will be able to join fully using a special discounted code which can be found in our Members private download area.

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