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The following is a complete and exhaustive list of the groups, companies (profit and not for profit) or general entities that are legally licensed by Rock Choir Ltd to use its trade marks:

– Universal Music Group
– Decca Records
– 10 Star Entertainment

Rock Choir is committed to using music fairly, in line with the Musicians Union’s Code of Fair Practice and has licensing agreements with the following publishers including their subsidiaries to use music under their control:

– EMI Music Publishing
– Sony ATV, Universal Music Publishing
– Music Sales
– Carlin Music Corporation
– Warner Chappell Music Ltd
– Alfred Publishing
– Bocu
– Faber Music

Rock Choir is committed to using newsprint and online news content fairly and respecting newsprint copyright. Rock Choir and are licensed by the NLA (Newspaper Licensing Authority) to reproduce news articles.

Rock Choir would like to thank the following companies and entities that have taken action to support the intellectual property rights of Rock Choir:

– Wherecanwego
– Google
– Gumtree (8 takedown actions in 2013 through the Notice of Infringement Programme)
– Meetup (through the Terms of Service Agreement)
– Northcliffe
– UK Music Jobs (through the Terms of Agreement)

No part of this website may be copied or reproduced without written permission from Rock Choir Ltd.

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