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⭐ Joining Rock Choir ⭐

How do I join Rock Choir?

Once you have attended your Free Taster Session we will send you an email which will guide you in how to join Rock Choir. Additionally, a step by step guide to joining Rock Choir can be found on the homepage of

Can I bring a friend?

You are more than welcome to bring a friend but you must ask your friend to also book their Free Taster Session using our website. This is in case we need to contact both of you with any news of cancellation or changes to the rehearsal session. You will both need to enter your individual email addresses when you register as our database does not accept the same email address for two people.

I don’t have a computer/email address – how do I register my details?

If you do not have a computer or email address then please contact HQ and we will complete your registration for you.

Can I change my taster session date or location?

To change your taster session you can log on to your account and under the ‘My Profile’ tab you will find the option to ‘Change Taster Session’. This gives you the option to change the location of your session or transfer to the next available date.

Do I have to audition or read music?

There is no audition or requirement to read music. You will join a group of like-minded singers, who simply love to sing and will, most likely, not have had any prior experience. Your voice will soon blend with the group and you will be taught by a professional Rock Choir Leader who will quickly help to build your confidence.

What are the age restrictions?

There is no upper limit on age and all adults are welcome. Members from the age of 11+ are also welcome to join Rock Choir. However, please note that 11 – 14 year olds must be accompanied by an adult at all times. 14 – 17 year olds are welcome to attend without an adult present at the discretion of the Choir Leader.

What sort of songs do you sing and how many a term?

Typically we will teach 2, 3 or 4 brand new Rock Choir songs each term but also re-visit previous songs from the same academic year or previous years. The selection of songs throughout each academic year covers different contemporary musical styles from different decades and are either up-beat and feel-good or anthemic and emotional. Typically the narrative of the song is the most important aspect when choosing the Rock Choir repertoire as it helps impact the Member’s connection and emotional reaction to the song. Example Here

⭐ Rock Choir Performances ⭐

Do I have to pay to be part of the performances/events?

There is usually no cost to take part in a Rock Choir performance however, you may have to pay for your own transport and refreshments where appropriate. We do offer unique and exceptional opportunities to perform at certain venues such as Disneyland Paris, Abbey Road Studios, UK Arenas and unique media opportunities. These types of events may come with extra costs, for example, travel and accommodation. However, no Member will be under pressure to take part.

Do I have to take part in the performances?

Members are invited to do as much or as little as they like and are under no pressure to perform. Although the performances are well-organised and create an exciting experience for the choir, some Members choose to wait and build their confidence before committing.

Event Queries

If you would like to book Rock Choir for an event, all enquiries will need to be sent to

If you are participating in an event with Rock Choir, your Choir Leader will have all the relevant information and it will be shared with you directly. You can also contact the Events Team at

⭐ Term Dates ⭐

How many rehearsals are there in a term/Where can I find the term dates?

Rock Choir follows an academic year offering three 10-week terms during the year – Spring, Summer and Autumn in England, Scotland and Wales.
The dates for each term can be found at the bottom of our website.

⭐ How To Pay / Your Payments ⭐

How much is Rock Choir?

Rock Choir is £110 per term with 3 terms throughout the year totalling £330 per year.

What are the Payment methods?

You can pay for your membership either by Direct Debit (£27.50 monthly) or Termly (£110 each term). Payment can be made online through your member’s account under the ‘My Payments’ tab.

If you are unable to make your payment online, please contact HQ on 01252 714276 to organise an alternative method of payment.

What do the fees cover?

The rehearsal fees cover the cost of paying the professional Choir Leaders; hiring the venues; creation of all the musical resources; performance licences for all the songs that we use; copyright fees to the publishers; maintenance of our website; VAT, staff and other administrative costs along with the general expenses incurred in the day to day running of a business.

Do you offer discounts or concessions?

We do offer concessions to full-time higher education students, armed forces individuals and families with 3 or more immediate relatives taking part in Rock Choir. Please contact HQ for more details.

Why am I paying for Rock Choir during the academic holidays when there are no rehearsals?

Rock Choir is £330 per year (3 terms x £110). Direct Debit payments are £27.50 per month throughout the year (12 months x £27.50) which means payment will still be taken even though there are no Rock Choir rehearsals. £27.50 monthly payments are as follows:

January/February/March/April – Spring Term (£110)
May/June/July/August – Summer Term (£110)
September/October/November/December – Autumn Term (£110)

Will I get a refund if I don’t attend all the sessions in the term?

We ask for a termly commitment to Rock Choir and only in exceptional circumstances would we be able to offer a refund.

Why are the Termly payments split as Deposit and Balance? Can I pay in full?

Yes – Members can choose to pay once each term as opposed to spreading the cost monthly by Direct Debit.
It is possible to make a full payment by ticking ‘Select’ in both payment boxes and this adds the figures together.
We also offer the option of splitting the term’s payment into two; a deposit and the remaining balance. Paying the deposit allows members to secure their place for the following term which is especially useful as choirs often reach capacity.

How are my fees calculated if I join Rock Choir part way through a term?

After your Free Taster Session the remaining fees for that term are calculated based on the weeks left in the 10-week schedule and you can choose to either pay a one-off fee or sign up to direct debit.

⭐ Disability Access ⭐

Do you have facilities and access for Disabled Members?

We try to ensure that our choir rehearsals are held in venues that have disabled access and facilities on site. You can see these details by searching for your choir on our locator tool –

⭐ My Rock Choir Session ⭐

My job is structured in shifts/I’m away for work/holiday in the UK. Can I still attend Rock Choir?

Yes you can! As well as your HOME choir, you can attend ANY choir rehearsal in the whole country IF that choir is not at capacity. The song repertoire should be the same across all rehearsals so you can fit right in!  You will, however, need to call HQ to book yourself into an alternative rehearsal so the Choir Leader and prefect team can expect you. You may want to attend an alternative rehearsal run by your own Choir Leader. In this case, he/she runs a selection of rehearsals in your area at different times and on different days allowing you to choose alternative rehearsals each week if you cannot attend your priority HOME choir.

What if I am going on holiday during term time?

You are more than welcome to double up on rehearsals before you go and after your return so you can catch up. You will also continue with your access to musical resources during that time. Remember if you are going away in the UK you may find a local Rock Choir rehearsal near your destination and by calling HQ to book your place you are more than welcome to attend that rehearsal.

How do I move/transfer my membership to another choir?

Just give the Rock Choir HQ a call and we can make the changes to your membership account. You can contact us either by email ( or by phone (01252 714276).

Why has our normal rehearsal schedule been replaced by workshops this term?

On the rare occasion that the Rock Choir Leader is unable to run the normal schedule as planned, workshops will be offered to the choir for a short period of time and led by an alternative, trained Rock Choir Leader.

⭐ My Membership Area ⭐

How do I log on to my Rock Choir Members Area?

Click the ‘Members Login’ tab which can be found both in the top right-hand corner or at the bottom of our website.

There will then be the option to ‘Sign in’ – type in your Username (email address), your Password and then click on ‘Login’.

I’ve forgotten my password

To request a new password – click ‘Forgot Password’ on the sign-in page. You will receive a link that will be sent to your registered email address and this will allow you to reset your password. If you do not receive this email link, please open your junk/spam inbox to check if it has been sent there instead.

How do I change my personal details/email address?

Log on to your account and click on ‘My Profile’ where you can change your details by clicking ‘Edit’.

⭐ Musical Resources ⭐

Can Members have access to the musical scores?

We offer an all-inclusive learning experience allowing everyone to be equal in each rehearsal.

Most Members do not have any musical experience therefore we do not distribute written music therefore avoiding any anxiety.

However, everyone is presented with a set of clear and carefully prepared annotated lyrics that guide and cue the Members through the song whilst they are being taught.

Members also have access to the audio and visual resources after they have learnt the song.

⭐ My Song Resources ⭐

How do I access my lyrics, audio and visual musical resources?

Lyrics, audio and visual resource downloads, as well as performance information and term dates can be found in your ‘Song Resources’ area.
To login, click the ‘Members Login’ tab which can be found both in the top right-hand corner or at the bottom of our website.
Please note that lyrics are available before a song is taught allowing you to access from your device during rehearsals or print off and bring with you. However, the audio and visual musical resources are available to Members after a song is taught. These are a learning aid and useful after the Leader has taught the song fully in person.

Resources are only available when Membership payments are up to date.

How do I download my lyric and audio resources?

Your song lyrics and audio resources are available for download in the ‘Song Resources’ section of your Member’s account. If you are using a laptop or PC, you should see this section listed in the menu that runs horizontally across the top of the member’s area; if you are using a smartphone or a tablet, you can bring up the menu by tapping the small round button with three lines across it that is found in the top left-hand corner of the Member’s area.

Once you have reached the ‘Song Resources’ section, there is an alphabetical list of folders for each song that is available for your choir and in each folder, you will find the relevant files for you to download.

I can’t see my song resources in my download area?

If you are unable to see your song resources in your download area, it could be that your access has been automatically blocked. This is usually because a Membership payment has not been made by the deadline requested.
For those members paying their fees per term rather than direct debit, a deposit (£33) is payable before the first week of each term and the remaining balance (£77) is requested within three weeks of the start of that same term. If payment is not received within this timeframe, the system will automatically block the download process.

⭐ Rock Choir Uniform ⭐

Where do I buy the uniform?

Uniform and Merchandise are available from the ‘BTC Shop’ *. Rock Choir uniform is only available to Members and you can order any uniform product as well as official Rock Choir merchandise through your Members Area by clicking ‘Shop’.

* BTC is an independent clothing and merchandise company who work alongside us to create uniform and merchandise for Rock Choir. Their online shop is separate from this Rock Choir website and once you have navigated from us to them, you will need to create an account on their site by registering your details. Alternatively, you can contact their Customer Services Team by phone: 020 8587 3381 or email:

⭐ Cancelling Your Membership ⭐

How do I cancel my Membership?

If you wish to cancel your membership, please email Rock Choir HQ on
Please state your Full Name, Choir and any additional information you wish to provide.
We will then check that payments are up to date and retire your membership.

You are always welcome to return to Rock Choir at any time!

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