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A year ago today, Boris announced lockdown and the country and then the world was forced to react to COVID! On this #DayOfReflection we, Rock Choir, can only look back with pride, emotion and gratitude as we reflect on the experiences we encountered as the Rock Choir family and community. 🌟

You, our precious Rockies, have been loyal, caring and totally committed! Even those of you who stepped away still cheered us along on the side lines and we love you for it!

You have helped us and one another by being a positive and united front, caring for one another and supporting those Rockies when they needed it the most! Together we have pulled one another over every bump and knock we were faced with!

Our Rock Choir family ethos has never been more appropriate than during this last year and in the face of adversity we were all there looking after everyone’s wellbeing! We sang, laughed, learned, recorded, remained connected, socialised, and even raised funds for our charity partners! We have worked together to achieve some things we never thought would be achievable a year ago. To name but a few – our 24hr fundraiser for Mental Health Foundation raising over £45,000, reaching number one in the iTunes UK Singles Chart with our Christmas Single Keeping the Dream Alive, providing over 140 days of singing and entertainment in the form of Keep Britain Singing and Ready For The Weekend, the phenomenal teaching content provided to you by your Rock Choir Leaders, and most recently our Festival Weekend in aid of Comic Relief where we have again raised over £45,000! We are so proud of everything we have achieved together as a team during these challenging times.

Rock Choir will always be a life line to whoever needs it and we have certainly proved this in this last year! ✨ Thank you to you ALL for your support these past 12months.

Thank you for getting us at Rock Choir through it! We love you all very much Rockies and just like the sentiment of last year’s most prolific Rock Choir song, we would do anything for you!

“Like a bridge over troubled water, I will lay me down”

We hope you enjoy the video below of your fabulous Rock Choir Leaders performing together with the wonderful Gary Wilmot MBE at last weekend’s Comic Relief Weekend in aid of Comic Relief!

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