Xander-Jaymes Le Petit

Choir Leader Xander-Jaymes Le Petit runs Rock Choir in Bolton, Rock Choir in Middleton, Rock Choir in Saddleworth, and Rock Choir in Oldham.

Xander trained as a Musical Director while studying at The Cumbria Institute of the Arts. After graduation he worked on local productions in Bristol such as Oliver, The Pyjama Game and Sweeney Todd for which he received a nomination for Best Musical Director in the South West.

He has built a vast amount of experience on stage as well as off, working as a production vocalist and dancer with First Choice Holiday Villages across Europe.

Xander takes his musical inspiration from an array of different genres. A big fan of Musical Theatre, he is inspired by composers such as Pasek & Paul, Jason Robert Brown and Stephen Sondheim all the way through to legends such as Queen, Kiss and The Rolling Stones, even Adele, Michael Jackson, Prince, the list goes on!

Rock Choir is a magical place for Xander. It allows him to enjoy the music he loves while spending time with happy people who are full of life. He loves being part of such an incredible experience every week!

Choir Leader for:

  • Bolton
  • Middleton
  • Saddleworth / Oldham

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