Rebecca Broadbere

Choir Leader Rebecca Broadbere runs Rock Choir in Colwyn Bay, Rock Choir in Liverpool, Rock Choir in Mold, Rock Choir in West Kirby, Rock Choir in Wrexham, and Rock Choir in Wirral.

Becky is an experienced vocal coach and pianist who enjoys both teaching and performing whenever given the chance! She graduated from the University of Liverpool with a BA(Hons) in Music and since then, she has worked coaching both professional and amateur productions, as well as teaching singing in schools.

Becky is passionate about performing and her style has been greatly influenced by her love for Folk, Blues, Swing and Musical Theatre.

She enjoys any opportunity to travel with her job and has performed in places such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Italy and Paris. Becky is delighted to be a part of creating new experiences through singing, and loves getting to have fun at the same time.

Rock Choir gave me the chance to combine my passion, career and friendship all in one place, something I didn’t always realise was possible until I started this job!

My Members quite often tell me how much their weekly rehearsals and seeing everyone gives them their ‘boost’ for the week, but they do exactly the same for me.

Being able to communicate and sing with everyone has really helped keep me going and it wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and determination from the whole Rock Choir team!

I’m very proud to be a part of it!

Choir Leader for:

  • Colwyn Bay
  • Liverpool
  • Mold
  • West Kirby
  • Wrexham
  • Wirral

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