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Paola Olivetti

Choir Leader Paola Olivetti runs Rock Choir in Bromsgrove, Rock Choir in Redditch, and Rock Choir in Studley.

Paola studied classical piano from the age of 7 and took the Solfege and Music theory exam at the Conservatoire in Turin, Italy, while completing her secondary school education. She obtained a First Class MA in Classics from the University of Turin and a PhD from the University of Birmingham, where she completed a thesis on the meaning of specific types of music in Ancient Greece. Paola then moved back to Italy where she attended and won national song-writing competitions and was contracted as singer song-writer gigging with a renowned jazz trio. She has written songs in a range of genres including pop, bossa nova, swing and tango. Since moving back to the UK (2013), she has qualified as a teacher and taught Italian and Latin in Adult Organization Services through the Midlands. In recent years she has performed at a variety of Italian cultural Societies where she has presented a repertoire of Italian pop songs.
Paola has a life-long passion for music and particularly enjoys discovering what music means to individuals and communities. Being a choir leader for Rock Choir is for her an amazing opportunity to get back to her musical routes and experience directly how singing truly enriches people’s lives.

It has been amazing joining Rock Choir and this is probably one of the most satisfactory experiences I have had work wise.

I love the team spirit and despite being a solitary job sometimes, I have always found support and answers to all my questions even at non-working hour.

Caroline has created an amazing organisation that gives joy to people. It is great to be part of it!

Choir Leader for:

  • Bromsgrove
  • Redditch
  • Studley

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