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Nick Pike

Nick Pike is a pianist and saxophonist specialising in Jazz, Funk and Pop, based in London. He did both his undergraduate and Masters degree at Bristol University in Music and Composition and has been teaching, performing and writing ever since. Nick plays in various bands, performing up and down the country with which he writes or arranges much of the music.

Nick has released a variety of albums which he has written and recorded himself whilst also working on various other projects such as The Secret Garden ballet, TV shows such as Frankie (BBC2) and feature films such as The Passing and Doors Open starring Stephen Fry (ITV), as well as transcribing Nils Frahm’s Sheets Zwei.

Nick enjoys both teaching and performing. He still gets a buzz from being on stage be it for a wedding or be it for a more esoteric musical area.

Nick is passionate about making music and making music with other people…? Well, there’s nothing better. Rock Choir presents a unique experience for both the leader and the members to share in their mutual love of music. What’s not to love?

Choir Leader for:

  • Harlow
  • Cheshunt
  • Epping
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