Marcus Alleyne

Choir Leader Marcus Alleyne runs Rock Choir in St Austell Bay, Rock Choir in Truro, Rock Choir in Helston, Rock Choir in Penzance, Rock Choir in Falmouth, and Rock Choir in Saltash.

Marcus Alleyne is a classically trained choral and orchestral conductor and singer living in Cornwall. Following a military career in medicine he retrained at Plymouth University receiving an honours degree in Conducting and Musical Direction. Marcus has worked alongside musicians such Evelyn Glennie, Craig Ogden and has also had the pleasure of working with Dan Forest, Pearl Shangkuan and Patrick Hawes. Some career highlights include performances at the Royal Albert Hall, Theatre Royal, Winchester Cathedral and Carnegie Hall. In 2019 Marcus received international recognition when he was awarded Best Festival Conductor at the International Festival for Male Voices, where he competed against professional conductors from all over the world.
Marcus holds a number of Resident Conductor positions with choirs and orchestras and has founded several successful choirs across the country. He enjoys supporting local and national charities and has raised over £35,000 for charity through music making.
A lot of his inspiration is drawn from gospel, soul and classical music and he is a firm believer in making music accessible for all. With this ethos at the heart of his music making Marcus brings a real fun, feel good vibe to Rock Choir and his can do attitude and extensive musical knowledge makes him a joy to work with.

I have been fortunate enough to work with some truly remarkable musicians many of whom are not just colleagues but now great personal friends. I am incredibly grateful to my fab Regional Manager Jan who is on hand 24/7 to help guide me through any challenges I might face at any given time.

One might think that this is where the ‘team’ finishes but I am incredibly proud to be part of a brilliant team that goes well beyond Cornwall and the South West. There are 80 plus Rock Choir Leaders each working tirelessly to ensure the Rock Choir name, ethos and values are maintained, sustained and developed. What stands out for me more than anything is that every resource, every live session, video resource, lyric sheet, social activity, vocal arrangement and all that we have and use is all created and vetted by the executive, creative and admin teams and I am certain this is no easy challenge.

At the end of this long line of Members, Leaders, Regional Managers, administrative teams, executives and directors is our amazing Founder, Caroline Redman Lusher. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to ensure the wellbeing and continuity for over 30,000 people and I personally know that the wellbeing of every member of staff and every single Rock Choir Member is absolutely at the heart at every decision which is being and has been made.

I absolutely love this job and wish I had joined the Rock Choir family much sooner. It is an absolute privilege to call myself a Rock Choir Leader. As we say here in Cornwall “ Onwards and Upwards!” Be kind and keep singing.

Choir Leader for:

  • St Austell Bay
  • Truro
  • Helston
  • Falmouth
  • Saltash
  • Penzance

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