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Jacob Ashworth

Choir Leader Jacob Ashworth runs Rock Choir in Great Malvern, Rock Choir in Stratford-Upon-Avon, Rock Choir in Tewkesbury, Rock Choir in Worcester, Rock Choir in Evesham, and Rock Choir in Hereford.

Jacob was born in Greater Manchester, and has developed his skills in many areas of music, including singing, composing, accompanying, and performing on the piano and tuba. He has achieved grade eight distinction on the piano, and has gone on to study music at university to a Master’s degree.

Since his time at university, Jacob has developed a love of singing and leading music ensembles, including a cappella choirs, show choirs, school and community choirs, with added experience as an orchestral and band conductor. He is currently the Musical Director of Ledbury Community Brass Band and Ledbury Training Band, and is always looking for more ways to include anyone and everyone in the musical world. Jacob also has a particular passion for musicals and film music.

Choir Leader for:

  • Great Malvern
  • Stratford-Upon-Avon
  • Tewkesbury
  • Worcester
  • Evesham
  • Hereford

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