Esther Jones

Choir Leader Esther Jones runs Rock Choir in Tenterden, Rock Choir in Hastings, and Rock Choir in Rye.

Esther is an inspirational choir leader and loves creating the magic that happens when groups of people come together to sing. She’s formed groups and choirs throughout her life, rehearsing groups of adults, teens and children to perform a wide range of music, from musical theatre to jazz to pop. Becoming a Rock Choir Leader is a great privilege, bringing together all her experience – she’s delighted to be part of such an extensive, ground-breaking organisation committed to sharing the joy of music up and down the country.

Grade 8 piano and singing (distinction) gave her the basis from which she’s performed for hundreds of hours of live music. Strong accompanying skills, coupled with a warmth and sense of fun, have drawn her into a variety of musical projects – as musical director of musicals and church bands, singer / pianist in a jazz band, and – currently – band leader in a 7 piece functions band playing dance floor fillers.

She created and grew a business leading choirs in primary schools, which became the leading extra-curricular performing arts provider in the UK, sharing the joy of singing with over 70,000 children.

Choir Leader for:

  • Tenterden
  • Hastings
  • Rye

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