Chris Yates

Choir Leader Chris Yates runs Rock Choir in Stratford-Upon-Avon, Rock Choir in Bromsgrove, Rock Choir in Redditch/ Studley, Rock Choir in Solihull and Rock Choir in Henley-in-Arden.

Chris is a high energy front man, who has built a successful career as a performer and musician. Chris trained at prestigious institutes, including London College of Music, and most notably Sir Paul McCartney’s fame school LIPA. It was here that Chris developed his skills as a composer and arranger, and fell in love with conducting orchestras and choirs. Learning from masterclasses with Sir Paul, and graduating with a Beatle’s hand shake has been one of his proudest moments.

Chris has composed music for television, theatre shows, and played in musical theatre pit bands working with some of the best West End musicians. He has a network of celebrity clients for which he performs, and has also performed as a guest entertainer with his own piano and vocal show for Disney Cruise Line in America and Canada. Working for Disney also paved the way for Chris to accompany Broadway stars, and he is relied upon by West End and Broadway performer friends for audition prep and guidance.

A skilled pianist and music director, Chris is also a qualified music teacher, and developed his skills as an educator working as Director of Music for a prestigious school where he further honed his skills as a leader. Community and belonging is of huge importance to Chris’s work, as he has directed community choirs, and also worked as a therapeutic mentor for a charity to support adults with their well-being. Bringing people together to socialise and sing is what Chris enjoys the most about his work.

Recently, Chris was called upon to work with X Factor winner Samantha Bailey as her pianist, which then led him to Rock Choir. Chris feels at home when teaching choirs, and he is fascinated by learning how people learn. His aim is always to make people realise their potential and instill confidence whilst laughing along the way.

Choir Leader for:

  • Stratford-Upon-Avon
  • Bromsgrove
  • Redditch/ Studley
  • Solihull
  • Henley-in-Arden

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