Alex Hawker

Choir Leader Alex Hawker runs Rock Choir in Bristol, Rock Choir in Bath, Rock Choir in Cheltenham, Rock Choir in Stroud, and Rock Choir in Yate.

Alex is an experienced performer and multi-instrumentalist, and is equally happy singing, playing keyboard, trumpet, or bass. He also has a First Class degree in Creative Music Technology, so also loves being on the other end of the microphone! He has experience in pop, classical, and jazz.

After gaining a music scholarship at the University of the West of England, Alex took the initiative to create a contemporary choir as part of the music offer to students – a role that he continued after graduating. Alex went on to work at the University of Exeter, supporting a wide variety of young musicians, whilst also continuing his performance career.

When not performing, Alex loves to write music, and arranges creative and complex mashups and medleys of popular music for his light-hearted function band, ‘Kick in the Crotchet’.

Alex loves being a part of Rock Choir, and seeing the positive effects that singing can have on people’s lives.

I feel so lucky to work with such a supportive organisation and feel extremely supported and valued by Caroline and the management team.

I feel like there is a helping hand when it’s needed but also that I’m given the freedom to flourish as a musician and educator. I’ve had so many amazing experiences with Rock Choir but also know that I, and our membership, will be looked after during difficult times such as the pandemic.

The response has been incredible and I’m lucky enough to see first-hand the positive impact that Caroline’s vision and the Rock Choir team’s hard work has on people’s lives.

Choir Leader for:

  • Bristol
  • Bath
  • Cheltenham
  • Stroud
  • Yate

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