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Caroline Redman Lusher is responsible for “changing the musical landscape of the country. By creating Rock Choir in 2005, it has dramatically helped the British public improve their well-being and mental health by creating joy with the power of group-singing, friendship and support.” Guy Fletcher, Chairman of the PRS (2011-2016) 

Caroline is an award-winning musician and singer with a vast career in both the Performing Arts and Education. The culmination of all her skills and professional experience led to the introduction of Rock Choir and her spirit and philanthropic approach runs through every aspect of the Rock Choir Experience.

Caroline introduced the concept of contemporary singing without the need to audition or read music. It was the first of its kind in the UK and has inspired hundreds of other musicians to follow and create their own amateur contemporary choirs advertising the same original aspects of Rock Choir. Her simple but effective approach to group-singing along with her personal experiences and education in contemporary music, performance and teaching has allowed tens of thousands of amateur singers who have taken part in Rock Choir, to enjoy an exciting, fun and life-changing lifestyle.

Caroline is recognised for her strong visionary and leadership skills and has attracted an extremely talented team of over 80 musicians and teachers supported by 30 creatives who have joined her to help deliver the Rock Choir Experience across the UK. Caroline continues to personally oversee every creative and educational aspect of Rock Choir.

Her warm, inspirational and philanthropic approach has supported thousands of individuals, communities and charities alike, offering support whilst raising awareness and funds for hundreds of UK charities. Caroline and Rock Choir have helped to raise millions of pounds since Rock Choir began in 2005.

“Caroline Redman Lusher is the manifestation of the word inspirational – she made me want to sing, quite literally!”  – Women Unlimited Conference 8th.

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