Choir Leader Vacancies

The Rock Choir Leader Role

There are currently over 80 Rock Choir Leaders in the Team and each is unique, talented and charismatic. The Rock Choir Leader typically has a background and formal training in music, performance and/or education. Each Leader is highly-competent at piano and vocals and able to combine these two instruments to be able to deliver the Rock Choir resources and the Rock Choir brand educational formula to each choir.

It is usual for one of these instruments to be the dominant of the two but extra personal tuition is common. Sight reading skills are very useful and a music degree or diploma is preferred but not essential.

Individuals should be personable with excellent and confident leadership skills and have the ability to work well as part of a team. Being able to inspire others whilst remaining patient and supportive is key. It is also essential that a new Leader has a car and full GB driving licence and ideally a PA system and portable piano.

The Rock Choir Leader role is a coveted one with a wonderful social life amongst a family-team of other friendly and like-minded musicians. It is hugely rewarding and life-affirming but also dynamic, varied and exciting with new opportunities creatively and career-wise being offered as each Leader becomes more experienced.

It is also an unusual role within the arts and will only work for those who are willing to put the Members first and respect the Rock Choir brand and formula.

Leaders get to witness, first-hand, the emotional impact that the Rock Choir Experience is having directly on its Members whilst giving something back by connecting each individual and each community together whilst using music to change lives.

If you are wondering what it is like to be part of the Rock Choir Team and work for the company Rock Choir Ltd, click here!


The Rock Choir Leader is also invited to become part of the Rock Choir Vocal Group who currently feature on Rock Choir single releases and are invited to perform as a group at high-profile performances such as BBC Proms in the Park.

These exciting events help personal development but also assist in building the reputation of Rock Choir which in turn contributes to the dynamic and excellent reputation that Rock Choir has gained.


An intricate interview and audition process is involved before a new individual is invited to join the team. Intense brand-training is given followed by a 2-year appraisal schedule.

Leaders are able to continue developing their personal careers and skills alongside the Rock Choir Leader role and most Leaders will gig, teach at schools or privately at home, write music and perform themselves whilst contracted to Rock Choir.

There are currently National opportunities in various locations for new musicians interesting in becoming a Rock Choir Leader in various locations.

Current Vacancies

For details on our current Rock Choir Leader roles or to submit your application, please follow the link below.

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