The Rock Choir journey

Rock Choir was started in Farnham, Surrey in 2005 by musician and singer, Caroline Redman Lusher. Rock Choir pioneered the contemporary choir movement in the UK. It was the first choir to offer the general public the chance to sing pop, rock and chart songs with no entry audition and no requirements to read music or have any previous singing experience.

The Rock Choir experience

Rock Choir offers an alternative experience to the traditional classical or community choir, pioneering a new approach to vocal training and entertainment. We offer fun, weekly rehearsals using well-known hit songs with original vocal arrangements and performance elements.

Rock Choir has achieved a fantastic reputation in the UK for our sophisticated teaching techniques, unique style and the feel-good experience we give our members. We support hundreds of local communities and raise money for charities through performances and events.

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The Rock Choir Term Timetable

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How much does it cost?

After your free session, Rock Choir costs £25 a month, payable by direct debit. This works out at £100 for each of our three terms.

We’ve tried to make paying your membership fees as easy and flexible as possible.

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How much does it cost?

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