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Why Join Rock Choir?

Your Rock Choir membership gives you:

⭐ The UK’s original and award-winning, local, contemporary choir experience.

⭐ An exciting and life-affirming journey building new friendships and experiencing unique events.

⭐ An opportunity to engage with your community and support local and national charities.

⭐ A fresh understanding of music and development of new skills.

⭐ An increase in personal confidence and improvement in your general well-being by taking part in a healthy and active hobby.

And gives you access to:

⭐ Your choice of ‘home’ Rock Choir in your preferred location and the performances, experiences and social events created for that specific choir. 

⭐ A minimum of 10 rehearsals each term following the academic calendar leading to local and regional invitations to perform. Please note that there are often extra rehearsals offered leading to special events.

⭐ Unlimited weekly rehearsals in over 400 other *locations across the country in addition to your ‘home’ Rock Choir rehearsals. (*unless the location venue is at capacity with health & safety regulations)

⭐ Professional & qualified musicians, singers and teachers trained by Rock Choir who deliver all tuition and experiences.

⭐ Invitations to attend National, 1-choir Rock Choir events e.g. Wembley Arena, the NEC, London O2 & Liverpool Echo Arena.

⭐ Invitations to a wide variety of extra musical and vocal workshops and experiences brought to you by Rock Choir e.g. Abbey Road Studios recording experience, performance tours abroad e.g. Disneyland Paris, Switzerland & Bruges.

⭐ Unique vocal versions of classic and current pop & rock songs created only for Rock Choir by the Rock Choir Team.

⭐ Specially created audio and visual resources to support learning and rehearsals.

And lots of Rock Choir Extras such as:

⭐ Free entry to ‘Rock & Sign’, specially designed to offer Rock Choir members the chance to learn sign language using the Rock Choir repertoire.

⭐ A special discounted Rockie-rate to join Mr Motivator’s ‘Motivation Club’ which supports all areas of health and well-being.

Join The Family.
Become A Rockie!

New Friends. New Experiences. New You.

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Rock Choir Return To Edinburgh Fringe

Rock Choir Sell-Out Edinburgh Fringe Rockies experience ‘sell-out’ success at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! A huge congratulations to RC Leaders Elaine and Nicola and the RC Events Team at HQ,...

Carol of the Bells Christmas Release

⭐️ Carol of the Bells ⭐️ The Rock Choir Version Originally a Ukrainian folk song and now a popular Christmas carol, we immediately felt an emotional connection to ‘Carol Of...

Christmas with Aled & Russell

Christmas with Aled & Russell 2022 Rock Choir Tour With Aled Jones & Russell Watson Rock Choir’s Creator and Creative Director Caroline Redman Lusher has confirmed that Rock Choir has...

Love Unites 2022 Festival

Love Unites 2022 Festival Rock Choir Perform On The Jan Bastable Main Stage! Reading Pride’s annual Love Unites Parade & Festival returned for its year on Saturday, 3rd September 2022...

Goals 4 G.O.S.H ⚽️ ✨

Goals 4 G.O.S.H 2022! ⚽️ We are proud to announce that Rock Choir joined the exciting line-up for Goals 4 G.O.S.H 2022! Goals 4 G.O.S.H was created from a simple...

Strictly Rock Choir

#StrictlyRockChoir! To celebrate one of the best-selling music artists in history and the nation’s favourite dancing competition, our Rock Choir Leaders up and down the country teamed up with Blue...

Member Reviews

The feel good factor you get from singing is fantastic. If you are in need of an up lift and enjoy good camaraderie Rock Choir is for you. Surprisingly it helps to keep both mind and body fit. Love it!

Feel good factor, came away from taster session feeling uplifted and buzzing for more ! Love the blend of voices and the power of sound and not having to audition. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly.

If you can’t help but sing along to the radio or your favourite CD then Rock Choir is for you. Fun weekly rehearsals and the chance to perform if you want to at local events and larger national venues . Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

One of the best ways to sing and meet new people. Nearly 4 years of the most amazing experiences. Never would have expected to record at Abbey Road, totally mind blowing. Love Rock Choir!

I love singing with others, and the songs and harmonies are fantastic. We laugh such a lot during the sessions, and our choir leader is fab. It’s great singing at events for charity, as well as having social events together. Such a feel-good experience! Rock Choir has become a really important part of my life.

The friendship, love of singing, amazing stress relief and wonderful opportunities. I never dreamt I would record at Abbey Road, sing at Wembley stadium or Edinburgh. Just a few of my highlights!

Where do I start?! Great friendships to be made sharing the love of singing. A huge variety of songs with exciting harmonies. No pressure to perform if you don’t want to, but incredible opportunities if you do.

The buzz I get from it…there’s no medicine a doctor can give me that makes me feel like that.

From the first taster session everyone is so welcoming and you are hooked! The songs are fun to sing and the group camaraderie is brilliant. Taking part in the gigs is uplifting!

My favourite thing is we’re encouraged to sing like we’re singing in the shower and no ones listening. The power of your voice is unbelievable once you start to use it. Uplifting and rewarding!

Joining Rock Choir has transformed my life, I am no longer depressed, have discovered the most amazing hobby. I have made so many friends and am now engaged to a fellow Rockie. I cannot rate it high enough.

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